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Swimming sore throat

2022-07-01 09:03Horror natatorium video
Summary: Does the water in the swimming pool have anything to do with the uncomfortable eyes and sore throat after learning to swimAccording to your description, the symptoms of dry eyes and throat pain and so
Does the water in the swimming pool have anything to do with the uncomfortable eyes and sore throat afterSwimming sore throat learning to swim
According to your description, the symptoms of dry eyes and throat pain and sore throat occurred after swimming, which may be caSwimming sore throatused by the unclean swimming water. Guidance: judging from the symptoms, the water may be dirty, so you can choose appropriate antibiotics to prevent it, such as roxithromycin, metronidazole, etcHow to do sore throat after swimming
Answer: Guidance: sore throat. It is suggested that Chinese patent medicines such as Liyanling and Caoshanhu buccal tablets can be used for local symptomatic treatment, and tea making with honeysuckle, wild chrysanthemum and pangdahai is a very good throat moistening medicine. Eat less fried food and spicy food, and eat more vegetables and fruitsA sore throat after swimming is not a cold
You are overactive.. Or a dry sore throat caused by long-term sudden activity.. Eat something to moisten your throat.. Just drink more water
What about sore throat after swimming
The main reason is that swimming consumes physical strength and reduces the resistance of the human body. In addition, it may be caused by poor water quality. Here are some suggestions: drink more water and eat more fruits. Don't eat angry things. Pay attention to keeping warm when sleeping at night, but don't be too hot
After going swimming, I have a sore throat and toothache after catching a cold. What should I do
Metronidazole Fenbufen + Acetylspiramycin tablets + qinghuozhi cereal, take it, drink more waterIs the sore throat after swimming related to swimming? What are the causes and solutions
Far from it, in fact, the way we breathe has changed during swimming. Breathing through the mouth leads to dry throat and throat discomfort, especially for people who may have chronic pharyngitis. If my suggestions can help you, please click adoptI had a sore throat yesterday morning, so I went swimming at the seaside. I feel sore and weak in my limbs today
It should be cold. If you have cold symptoms, it is recommended to go to the hospital for treatment... Then I caught a cold and had a high fever of 39.2 degrees. I had a high fever until I had a sore throat, and then
Answer: in this case, 1 After fever, the muscles ache, plus your exercise, so there will be pain in the chest. 2. bronchitis caused by sore throat after fever. So I suggest you go to the hospital to take a chest film to see if there is bronchial inflammation, and continue to take drugsCan you swim with cough and sore throat
Sore throat and cough are caused by tonsillitis and fever caused by a cold. You can't go swimming because the amount of swimming is relatively large. It's easy to catch a cold in the water or ashore, which is easy to make the Swimming sore throatcondition repeatedYou have a sore throat, but you don't have a cold. What's the matter? Is it chlorine poisoning
It won't be chlorine poisoning. It is caused by breathing during swimming. If you breathe through your Swimming sore throatmouth and exercise a lot, you may have a sore throat. Take some throat lozenges and rest for a while. Swimming often and improving vital capacity will not happen gradually
Swimming sore throat

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