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What about menstrual swimming your menstrual blood will attract sharks

2022-07-01 23:44Horror natatorium Download
Summary: What if I go swimming during menstruationIf someone tells you that menstrual swimming is unhealthy, or if you swim in the sea, your menstrual blood will attract sharks, don't listen. If someone tel
What if I go swimming during menstruation
If someone tells you that menstrual swimming is unhealthy, or if you swim in the sea, your menstrual blood will attract sharks, don't listen. If someone tells you that your tampon will suck a lot of water when you swim, don't believe it. These statements are completely untrue. Whether you are menstruating or notWhat are the consequences of swimming during menstruation
During menstruation, the endometrium falls off, the uterine orifice opens, and menstruation flows out of the body from the vagina. At this time, the endometrium forms a wound, and the blood vessels are rich, which is a hotbed for bacterial reproduction. When swimming, bacteria in the water have a chance to enter the vagina. There is a circular depression between the vagina and the external opening of the uterus called the vaginal fornixWhat should I do if I swim after menstruation
For the sake of health, female friends should not swim in polluted water, too cold water, or before and during menstruation. Wash and dry your body thoroughly with clean water as soon as possible after swimming to keep your skin and vulva clean. reference material: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_6104a5a80100e2zo 。What about menstruation when swimming
When menstruation comes during swimming, menstrual blood will flow out below, and people will feel cold below. Because the endometrium falls off and the physiological function is discharged in time, the vaginal opening will be slightly opened. Dirty things outside enter the vagina and cause diseases. It's not safe in such an unsanitary place as the swimming poolHow to swim during menstruation
Because there is pressure in the uterus, when the pressure of the external environment (pool water) is greater than the pressure in the uterus, the menstrual blood will not be discharged. I believe you should have found it when swimming? Remember to wash your whole body up, down, inside and out with disinfectant in time after swimming. We do not encourage menstrual swimming, bWhat about menstrual swimming  your menstrual blood will attract sharksut swimming competitions are commonWhat measures can be taken if you want to swim in the sea during menstruation
In order to learn how to use tampons properly, you might as well practice more. However, for girls whose reproductive organs have not yet developed completely, it is better to use sanitary napkins first in normal time. No matter what kind of sanitary products you choose, you should change them frequently to keep your genitals fresh, otherwise bacteria may breed and give off peculiar smeWhat about menstrual swimming  your menstrual blood will attract sharksll. It is generally recommended not to swim in the water during menstruation to avoidHow about swimming with my aunt
Menstruation swimming is easy to catch gynecological diseases. 1 although the water in the swimming pool is recycled and disinfected, bacteria still exist. Women's vagina is in dirWhat about menstrual swimming  your menstrual blood will attract sharksect contact with the water in the swimming pool. When menstruation comes, the endometrium is bleeding and the uterine orifice is slightly opened. Although the vagina has self purification function and natural defense function, women's resistance is relatively weakened in the early menstruationCan orlista be eaten during menstruation
 Orlistat mainly acts on the intestines and generally has no effect on the uterus. However, according to reports of adverse reactions, it will cause menstrual disorders. If you do not eat high-fat food during menstruation, orlistat is not recommended to be taken during menstruation. Orlistat is a long-acting specific gastrointestinal lipase inhibitor, which can prevent the hydrolysis of triglycerides into absorbable free fatty acids and monoacylglycerides, so that they are not absorbed, so as to reduce calorie intake and control body weight. Orlistat capsule is administered as an over-the-counter drug in China, which is effective in the treatment of obese or overweight patients. We recommend shurjia orlistat slimming capsule, which is different from other slimming capsules. It does not affect huWhat about menstrual swimming  your menstrual blood will attract sharksman brain and other organs of the body, but uses orlistat to inhibit gastrointestinal lipase and reduce fat absorption in food. Shurga orlistat
What about swimming during menstruation
After swimming, you should wash your body with water as soon as possible and dry your body with a clean towel to ensure the cleanness of your skin and vulva and protect your health. Swimming during menstruation is prone to infection. Patients with swimming pool water infection will have symptoms such as vulva pruritus, burning pain, leucorrhea and peculiar smell. Doctor's adviceWhat if you don't swim carefully when menstruation comes
Therefore, if the body has early gynecological inflammation, such as increased secretion, abnormal taste and color sensation, or is in the period of inflammation treatment, it must not swim, otherwise it is easy to be infected by bacteria in the water, but aggravate the condition. At the same time, remember to avoid menstruation. It is best to swim after 3 days of menstruation. Strengthen self-protection in swimmingWhat about swimming during menstruation
If you have to swim during this period, you'd better control it with drugs to avoid menstruation. The second period is the ovulation period. At this time, the vaginal secretions will be clear and thin due to the preparation for the entry of sperm, and the ability to resist bacteria will be poor. If you enter the swimming pool at this time, it is easy to cause vaginal infection and inflammation
What about menstrual swimming your menstrual blood will attract sharks

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